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Thinking about leaving again

by BluePoisonLily

I’m thinking about quitting with putting my drawings on the Internet again. I’m just getting angry, frustrated and sad. And it’s a really bad moment for being bothered by such things.
I do love drawing and sharing my work, but it’s somehow becoming so heavy… I’m always happy for a brief moment and then sad sad sad sad, too sad.

I want to draw, I want to paint, but DA is becoming a source of stress again.

I know what’s the source,  I know what’s the problem,  but I still do hope. And that’s what makes me feel so bad in the end.

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Jailed #1 - sketch- by BluePoisonLily

Possible illustration for my fic Jailed

"The room was bigger. […] There was a proper bed, or at least, a mattress and some blankets thrown over his usual bench (which was still bigger, though).
No chain on his ankle. No inmate uniform. Because he was the only one there.

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